Things Fall Apart

What does mr browns visit to okonkwo emphasize about relations between the ibo and the europeans

chapter 21

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Soon after Okonkwo's return, Mr. Brown pays him a visit. He has sent Nwoye, now called Isaac, to the teacher's college at Umaru; Mr. Brown hopes Okonkwo will be pleased by the news. Okonkwo chases Mr. Brown away from his house, threatening the man with violence. The first rainy season after Okonkwo returns home, Mr. Brown leaves Umuofia due to failing health from overwork. Even the education at the church comes with the risk of indoctrination. Okonkwo's grief is based on the loss of his people's strength. He sees that they are being irrevocably changed, in many ways for the worse, by the arrival of the white man.