Things Fall Apart

Things fall apart

One becomes influential in this culture by earning titles. This is an expensive prposition which involves the dirpersing of most of one's painfully accumulated wealth. What do you thunk are the social functions of such a system? How does this relate to this first chapter in the Ibo Culture

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Wealth, masculinity, and ambition are all linked into Igbo culture. Particularly since one of the threats to Igbo life is the coming of the new religion, tribal belief is a theme of some importance. Igbo religious beliefs explain and provide meaning to the world; the religion is also inextricable from social and political institutions. Achebe also shows that Igbo religious authorities, such as the Oracle, seem to possess uncanny insights. He approaches the matter of Igbo religion with a sense of wonder. Okonkwo is determined to be a lord of his clan. He rises from humble beginnings to a position of leadership, and he is a wealthy man. He is driven and determined, but his greatness comes from the same traits that are the source of his weaknesses. He is often too harsh with his family, and he is haunted by a fear of failure.