Things Fall Apart

Things Fall Apart

Hi I wana know if somebody could send thougts ideas about if Okonkwo a tragic hero nad why ? Many tanks in advance 0.

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Yes, indeed Okonkwo was a great hero. I have followed events of things fall apart from first chapter. How Okomkwo rose from poverty and misfortune and became one of the lords of the clan, and more.

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i understand, Okonkwo is a hardworking hero. He is the hero when he fights with nature that i understand while reading of his cultivation of yams in his fields. in that case i would like to say he is a tragic hero. like wise, i can say his end also shows that he is a tragic hero but one thing that prokes in my mind is killing himself is a sin in their village. but he wages war against the enemies and at last due to frustration he hangs that shows his inability and also he fears to fight alone. Okonkwo life ends with tragedy like his father. Okonkwo's father never showed his ability met a tragic end. His son, Okonkwo who proved his ability also met with tragedy. In Oedipus, the rex. in the end he wanders for his fate by plucking his eyes. likewise, Okonkwo wanders for his people's fate by hanging himself.

He died a tragic death but i don't find him a hero.

In his grief for his culture and village, he commits suicide and does not try to retaliate any longer. I think he is a coward because he looks for a quick way out instead of dying an even more tragic,humilating and painful death by the white law.


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