Things Fall Apart

Things Fall Apart

how does ekwefi feel as she trails chielo?

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Ezinma and Ekwefi are spending a peaceful night telling folktales to each other. They are interrupted by Chielo, the Oracle of the goddess Agbala, who has come for Ezinma. She takes Ezinma onto her back and carries her away, strictly forbidding the girl's parents from following. Ekwefi hesitates only a moment, and then secretly follows anyway.

The Oracle takes a long walk, going all the way around the nine villages. Despite the fact that she carries the child on her back, she moves at an astonishing speed; Ekwefi can barely keep up. The Oracle finally returns to her sacred cave. She disappears inside. Terrified, Ekwefi waits outside the cave: she resolves to enter if she hears her daughter crying. To save her child, she will fight the gods if necessary.