Things Fall Apart

In your opinion, what contributes most to the final tradegy of okonkwo? Could his fall have been averted?

I (8th grade) need to write a one page essay on this topic but do not understand this book at all. wondering if you could help by giving topic sentences and/or main ideas to paragraphs. i also am not good at writing at all! Remember I'm in 8th grade!!!! thanks a lot!!!!

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I think when Okonkwo returns from exile, he sees the Europeans have moved in. The social order he once identified with was no more. His son had gone to the church, for very good reasons, and Okonkwo had none of the stature or power he once had. We must understand that Okonkwo's reasons for living came out of a pride and identity for, flawed that it was, culture. At the end of the book Okonkwo felt nothing.

Okonkwo was stubborn as well as proud. Really with the coming of the Europeans with their religion, their guns and their thirst for land, Okonkwo's tribe had its days number. An indigenous population could not survive such a foreign influx intact. Okonkwo was destined to self destruct regardless of the European arrival. I think they just helped to speed up the process. Okonkwo had far too many sins upon his head, even for his own culture to keep going as normal.