Things Fall Apart

In what ways does Okonkwo represents the masculine ideal in igbo society?

- How masculinity is defined in the society and how significant it is to Okonkwo

- What are the examples from the novel?

- Comparing Okonkwo to Obierika; The difference in portraying masculinity.

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Okonkwo hates his father and does everything he can to be nothing like him. When he was younger, Okonkwo began building his social status in society by defeating a great wrestler, sending him into society's eye rather quickly. He is hard-working and shows no weakness whether it be emotional or physical ,to anyone. Although he is a gentle soul with his family and neighbors, he is wealthy, courageous, and powerful among the people of his village. He is a leader of his village, and his place in that society is what he has striven for his entire life.


things fall apart