Things Fall Apart

ikemefuna Description of his fear

through out the book all his fears

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There are so many times he feels fear culminating with his death in the forest,

"One of the men behind him cleared his throat. Ikemefuna looked back, and the man growled at him to go on and not stand looking back. The way he said it sent cold fear down Ikemefuna’s back. His hands trembled vaguely on the black pot he carried. Why had Okonkwo withdrawn to the rear? Ikemefuna felt his legs melting under him. And he was afraid to look back."

Ikemefuna is a boy ripped from his family and betrayed by his adoptive father.

When thinking of his own family, he felt the worst,

"Then quite suddenly a thought came upon him. His mother might be dead. He tried in vain to force the thought out of his mind. Then he tried to settle the matter the way he used to settle such matters when he was a little boy. He still remembered the song."