Things Fall Apart

I need help! How you write an essay about self" and other and explain about self and other about the novel things fall apart

Self and other about the book on things fall apart

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I understand the "self" end of this question, but what do you mean by "other"?

Your teacher is probably looking for you to examine how we look at ourself compared to how we think others see us and how we interact with others. For example, are you shy? If others are trying to change you or your way of life as happens in "Things Fall Apart," do you argue against it? Do you fight the system? It sounds as if the teacher wants you to decide if you are alike or unlike some of the characters in the novel.

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This essay should be five (5) pages long. It should examine “self/other” as a theme in two selections from the the "things fall apart, heart of darkness and The Metamorphosis of the course. Organize the essay so the body supports a thesis in which you assert an idea about the relationship between self and other as expressed in the literature you are writing about.