Things Fall Apart

How does Umuofia choose to settle the dispute? Why do they make this decision?

Provide textual evidence to support your answer. chapter two

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When the moon is shining the cripple becomes hungry for a walk.

Chapter 2 (p. 14)

In settling disputes, other cosmic bodies are believed to have a direct reference point in making decisions. In this quote, the cosmic body is the moon and the effect if the shining is the hunger of the cripple to walk.

The reason the proverb is placed in the text, is to explain to the reader that the cause and effect theory used to settle the dispute. The girl is dead; her death is the motivation for further action, but the "night" becomes a time of rest and reflection. The effect, or the need for a walk, symbolizes action. Okonkwo becomes the source of the Umuofia response. The dispute will be settled without war (Okonkwo wants war). The dispute will be settle somewhat peaceably (I don't consider the sacrifice of a boy to really be peaceable), but not without revenge.


Things Fall Apart