Things Fall Apart

How does Mr.Brown encourage the people to attend school?

chapter 21

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Mr. Brown is a wise and patient man; he befriends many of the local great men, and earns their affection. He spends a good deal of time with Akunna; they speak through an interpreter on the subject of religion. Neither man converts the other, but Mr. Brown learns much about the local religion and concludes that missionary work should be subtle and indirect: direct confrontation will not work. Initially, he resorts to begging people to send their children to the Christian school. At first, people only send their lazy children. But later, more and more people begin to go as they realize that the ability to read and write opens up great social mobility. The DC is surrounded by Africans from Umaru; these literate subordinates earn high wages and how power in Umuofia. Mr. Brown's school begins to produce results and attract more students.