Things Fall Apart

how did things full apart with okonkwo

trace how everything fall apart with okonkwo

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Things really begin to fall apart for Okonkwo when he kills his adopted son Ikemefuna. Out of fear that otherwise people will think him weak, Okonkwo participates in the boy's death. Something dies in Okonkwo after this. He sacrifices more than a son but a part of his soul. Okonkwo is lost after the murder. His "intact masculinity" cannot fill the guilt and void inside of him. We get the sense that all the yams in the world isn't going to make things better for him. Later Nwoye converts to Christianity, in part to escape his father. His betrayal embitters and outrages Okonkwo. The indignities forced Okonkwo and his people by the British eventually prove to be too much for him. Okonkwo is not good with change and this new shift in culture is too much for Okonkwo to handle. After an act of defiance which goes unsupported by his people, Okonkwo gives in to despair. He kills himself, partly so that he will not be executed under the white man's laws and partly because he is grieving for the death of his people.

Although he was prevented to not participate at ikemefuna death, Okonkwo didi it ! So now we can see its consequencies :

* firsly, he intentionally kills a clansman

* secondly, he was forced to leave his own village where he was hoping to become a great chief

* thirdly, he lost all his domestik animals because there were buried after his departure

* forthly, he lost his son Nwoye who decide to follow the white missionaries

* fifhtly, when he came back at Umuofia, his compound was already taken by another

* sixtly, he was jailed and bad treated with some others clansmen

* sevently, under the angry effect he commited a murder

* finally, he hang himself

* and same after his death, the misfortune continued to follow him cuz he was not buried nor by his family nor by his clansmen

That's how things fall apart for Okonkwo !


Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe