Things Fall Apart

How are the 3 missionaries (Mr Kiaga, Mr Brown, Reverend Smith) portrayed in the novel? What are your impressions of them?

What are the differences in terms of their attributes and the way they carried out their tasks?

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Mr. Brown, the first white missionary in Umuofia is an understanding, respectful man. He doesn't push Christianity on the clan and even makes friends with the clansmen.

Reverend Smith, on the other hand, is very strict with the clan. He insists that the members of the clan convert to the Christian religion and give up their own beliefs. Unlike Mr Brown, Rev. Smith shows no respect for culture, and his behavior can partially be blamed for the unfavorable way white colonialists are seen by the clans.

Mr. Kiaga is a convert; he is a Christian African. His faith is strong, and his demeanor with the clans is one of gentleness and understanding.


Things Fall Apart