Things Fall Apart

do you think Okonkow deserve his punishment and why

chapter 12 and 13

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Based upon the beliefs and customs of the society in which Okonkwo lives, the punishment he receives is deserving. He broke the bonds of kinship first, with his participation in Ikemefuna's execution; the accidental shooting of Ezeudu is the "nail in the coffin," so to speak.

The following excerpt from Sparknotes explains further;

"Okonkwo’s punishment emphasizes the importance of strong, harmonious relations within the community. Although Obierika questions the harsh punishment that Okonkwo receives for such an accident, the punishment, in a way, helps stave off anger, resentment, and, ultimately, revenge. Despite the accidental nature of the death of Ezeudu’s son, it is understandable for Ezeudu’s close relatives to be angry with Okonkwo. The burning of Okonkwo’s compound displaces this anger onto his property, while Okonkwo’s exile separates him temporarily from the offended community. Over a period of seven years, any remaining anger and resentment from Ezeudu’s close relatives will dissipate, and the offender’s place in the community will be restored."


why you think okonkwo did not fight his punishment? would you have accepted the punishment if you had been in his place?