Things Fall Apart

Did anyone in Okonkwo's tribe identify with the British colonials and Christian missionaries?

anyone important or anyone at all

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Even though the tribe reveres Okonkwo, he must be punished for his accidental shooting of a young tribesman. The Ibo ban Okonkwo from the clan for seven years. Upon his return to the village, Okonkwo finds a tribe divided by the influence of missionaries and English bureaucrats who have interrupted the routine of tradition. Only when Okonkwo commits the ultimate sin against the tribe does the tribe come back together to honor custom.


People who were maginalized or treated badly in the tribe went over to the missinaries. In particular Okonkwo's elder son Nwoye went over.

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thanks for the help, however i just decided to go ahead and read the book. I appreciate your help with all of my questions. even though i shall go ahead and answer them my own. thanks again

Hey, good idea. Reading is always best but if there is something particular that you are having trouble with, you can always E back. It's a great book though, enjoy!