Things Fall Apart

chapter 7. what are some of the male cultural values that Okonkwo tries to instill his don, Nwoye on pagaes 52 and 23?

The Book Things Fall Apart.

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Okonkwo sees his son maturing into a fine young man. The two are inseperable, and Ikemefuna's respect for his father is proof of the values he's instilling in his son. Nwoye and his father eat together, and they are joined by Ikemefuna. To eat with his son is a break with tradition, as the head of the household usually has dinner alone in the central hut (obi). Nwoye strives to please his father, even to the point of pleasing him by grumbling about the women and pretending NOT to enjoy his mother's stories and embracing the violent stories his father tells about war.


Things Fall Apart