Things Fall Apart

Akunna tries to make Mr.Brown understand more about the Ibo religion since he has been dead set that the Ibo will learn about & follow Christianity. How is Akunna received in this respect by Brown?

Chapter 21

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Umuofia, the Christians are led by a kindly white man named Mr. Brown. Mr. Brown restrains the zeal of some of the fanatical converts. A convert named Enoch is particularly violent, always stirring up trouble; Brown strives to moderate Enoch's excesses. Mr. Brown is a wise and patient man; he befriends many of the local great men, and earns their affection. He spends a good deal of time with Akunna; they speak through an interpreter on the subject of religion. Neither man converts the other, but Mr. Brown learns much about the local religion and concludes that missionary work should be subtle and indirect: direct confrontation will not work. He also tries hard to get people to send their children to the Christian school Mr. Brown respects Akunna and appreciates his help in understanding the Igbo culture.