Their Eyes Were Watching God

What happens to Tea Cake?

Chapter 13

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Tea Cake tells Janie not to worry about the two hundred dollars. He plans to win it all back gambling on Saturday. He tells Janie that he is one of the best gamblers in the world. Tea Cake spends the whole week practicing rolling dice and shuffling cards. On Saturday he buys a knife and some cards and goes off to gamble.

Around daybreak, Tea Cake arrives home, but he is badly cut and injured. He tells Janie that he has won her two hundred dollars back and was going to come home earlier, but the other gamblers wanted a chance to win their money back from him. He continued playing for a few more hours and won all of their money. As he was leaving, one of the gamblers named Double Ugly stabbed him with his razor; Tea Cake pulled out his knife and beat the man until Double Ugly was scared and Tea Cake came home.