Their Eyes Were Watching God

what conflicts does janie experience


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During her quest for spiritual fulfillment, Janie clashes with the values that others impose upon her.


Janie’s sacred notions of love are desecrated when she is forced into one loveless marriage, and falls into a second in order to escape husband #1.

Janie’s first two marriages turn sour. The first one ends in disaster because Janie never had any feelings for the man, Logan Killicks, in the first place and only married him when pressured by Nanny. Logan, a no-nonsense man, doesn’t help matters by practicing poor hygiene and concerning himself only with working the farm.

Janie’s second marriage to Joe Starks starts out more promisingly, but goes awry when Joe proves to be irrationally jealous. Worse, he refuses to talk about it. He only orders Janie around, making her keep her hair up, not allowing her to engage with the townspeople, and never allowing her to speak her mind.

In both marriages, Janie’s high hopes for true love were shattered. Yet she holds out hoping to eventually meet another man…