Their Eyes Were Watching God

Tell the story of Janie's missing $200 and what happened to it

Ch 13

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Tea Cake writes a letter to Janie telling her to meet him in Jacksonville, Florida. So, one morning, before the town wakes up, Janie gets in a train and rides to Tea Cake in her blue satin wedding dress. She packs herself two hundred dollars but tells Tea Cake nothing about this money. Janie is so happy "that she scares herself." anie, frantic, looks everywhere in her room for the money; she hopes that it is lost in the room rather than having been "stolen" by Tea Cake. However, Janie realizes the truth: Tea Cake has left without telling her where he was going, and he has taken her money without asking. Over breakfast, Tea Cake explains where he has been all night. In the morning, while getting dressed for breakfast, he saw Janie's money. He took it and realized on the way to the fish market that he had to spend the money. He had never felt like a millionaire before. Tea Cake decided to spend the money buying a macaroni and chicken dinner for all his friends.