Their Eyes Were Watching God

multiple questions

1) What are two main events each for chapter 1-6?

2) (CH.1) what do we learn about Janie from this chapter? Find 4 examples from the text that describes her either physically or emotionally, according to the narrator, the other characters, or Janie herself?

3) (CH.2) what "discovery" did Janie make about herself when she was very young?

4) (CH.2) who was Janie’s grandfather (Leafy's father)?

5) (CH.2) why did Nanny run away from the plantation?

6) (CH.2) why did Nanny want Janie to marry Logan Killicks?

7) (CH.2) what happened to Janie’s mother at age 17? What happened as a result?

8) (CH.2) what does Nanny mean when she says that she is a “cracked plate”?

9) (CH.3) what ideas does Janie have about love?

10) (CH.3) what doe Janie believe will happen after she and Logan get married?

11) (CH.3) how does Janie feel about her husband?

12) (CH.3) what is Nanny’s advice to Janie when she tells her how she feels?

13) (CH.3) what do you think the narrator means when she says: “she knew the world was a stallion rolling in the blue pasture of ether”?

14) (CH.3) what do you think the narrator means when she says: “Janie’s first dream was dead, so she became a woman”? How does the statement tie in with the claims made in Chapter 1 that “the dream is the truth”

15) (CH.4) what does Logan want Janie to do with the mule he plans to bring back from town?

16) (CH.4) where does Joe want to go? Why?

17) (CH.5) what is Janie’s first impression of the town?

18) (CH.5) when Joe realizes what the town is really like, what does he plan to do?

19) (CH.5) what do you think of Amos Hicks and Lee Coker? What do their personalities and behavior tell about the town?

20) (CH.5) how do the townspeople reward Starks?

21) (CH.5) how does Joe treat Janie? What does/doesn’t he allow her to do?

22) (CH.5) how does Janie feel about her marriage to Joe?

23) (CH.5) how is Janie treated as the Mayor’s wife?

24) (CH.5) what do the townspeople notice about the way Joe treats Janie?

25) (CH.6) why is Janie having such a hard time managing the store?

26) (CH.6) why does Starks but the mule from Matt Bonner?

27) (CH.6) after the mule dies, the townspeople begin an entire funeral for the mule. Even the buzzards en__ what hints at a ritualistic ceremony. Why do you think Hurston included this ceremony ___?__ buzzards?

28) (CH.6) why does Joe think that Janie is being ungrateful?

29) (CH.6) according to sam and lige, what is it that keeps a man from being burned on the stove? Explain ___?__ you think “wins” the argument?

30) (CH.6) what do you think the author meant by “The bed was no longer a daisy-field for her and joe to ___?__”

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