Their Eyes Were Watching God

how does the metaphor of the tree affect Janie marriage ?

tree where she goes to relax , pine cone tree

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Janie loves to spend the afternoons lying under a pear tree, staring into the branches. One afternoon, she is mesmerized by the beauty of bees pollinating the pear blossoms. Janie feels intoxicated by the pollen and her newly awakened sexuality. She now sees Johnny Taylor, a boy she previously thought of as "shiftless" as a "glorious being." She walks to the gate and kisses him over the gatepost. Their Eyes began in third person, told through the voice of Hurston. From this point on, particularly in the novel's more important moments, the voices of Hurston and Janie merge. Although much of the novel is told in third-person omnicient, certain sentences like "So this was marriage!" (discribing the pollination of the pear tree) allow the reader to hear Janie's thoughts directly.