Their Eyes Were Watching God

How does Jody character begin to establish bursting theme of male dominance and aggression ?

Contrast this with Janie first husband , Logan Killicks

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Logan is unloving and treats Janie like a mule..... someone there to work for him. He cares for her and is not abusive, but he cannot hold onto her because she's unhappy and is looking for love.

Joe, on the other hand, also treats Janie like a possession...... but a possesion who opens herself to punishment mwhen direct orders aren't followed. He likes to show her off but isolates her. He doesn't want to hear her opinion..... he doesn't want to know she has opinions. Direct opposition is met with abuse..... perceived slights are met with abuse. Finally, something as menial as a dinner he doesn't like warrants a physical slap in the face. Joe is jealous and unkind...... he does not look for ways to keep her happy, but rather for ways to keep her jailed.