Their Eyes Were Watching God

Examples of literary devices

what is "woof" and "boogerboo" and example of?

Whatis hollered, slammed, challenged, and laughed an example of?

What is "Ah'm gointuh sweep out of hell and burn up de broom" an example of?

What is "Ah can look through muddy water and see dry land" an example of?

What is "Ah wish Ah had uh thousand- leg tuh put on it" an example of?

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Woof and booger boo are probably onomatopoeia.

The one with hell in it is probably metaphor comparing hell to one's life and the broom showing how one can escape.

I do not know that I would call the verbs that end in -ed anything except past tense or past participle verbs that require a helping verb. I suppose someone might call them onomatopoeia.

The muddy water has dialect in it (Ah instead of I) and it also has exaggeration (hyperbole) in that one cannot see through muddy water to see dry land and yet the reader is expected to believe that.

I would say the "thousand leg" would fit the same characteristics as the muddy water one.

It is hard to say for sure what these are until one knows what choices your teacher gives you.