Their Eyes Were Watching God

A question about literary techniques


So, we know Hurston writes her dialect in the funny manner and with spelling errors and stuff. Is there a literary techique for this and what do i call the way she writes her dialect in my essay?Please help!

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I am not sure that in an essay one should say  "a funny manner."  She is replicating the speech of the characters which is one technique of developing characterization.  By showing how they speak she identifies such characteristics as class, background, and other ways in which each character is his or her own person.  It is often true that this is an example of direct characterization because we see the characters in action, showing directly how they behave.

Haha Judy i will not say In a funny manner in my essay i just said that in the qustion because I couldnt think of the right word. In my essay i am saying "Phonetically transcribed vernacular of the southern black culture" how does that sound? Thanks for your answer that helped!