Their Eyes Were Watching God

8)(CH.11#4)What problem do Tea Cake and Janie discuss the next evening at dinner?


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Janie tells Tea Cake that he probably says that to all the women (compliments) and Tea Cake says that that is true: "I'm the apostle to the Gentiles; I tell them and then I show them."

Janie is upset; he seems to have confirmed her fear that he is a cold-hearted womanizer. She tells Tea Cake that she is tired and ready to go to sleep. Tea Cake tells Janie that she's lying. He realizes that he has upset her with what he has said and that she's making excuses to get rid of him. Janie is cold; she says that he shouldn't care what she thinks, she is not his girlfriend. Tea Cake tells Janie that he loves her; Janie is cold again, saying that those are his "night" thoughts, and that in the morning he won't feel the same way.