Their Eyes Were Watching God

31. What is the significance of each marriage for Janie?(what did she lear as a result of each experience?


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Logan Killicks

Logan is Janie's first husband. He is unloving and too old for Janie. He treats Janie as if she were a possession like his mule. This guy actually cares about Janie in his own abusive way. Logan represents the old ways for black women, from her grandmother's time when a black woman was satisfied to play the lowest role in society.

Joe Starks

Joe is suave and ambitious. He represents a sense of freedom from Logan and her grandmother's life. Unfortunately she is treated more like a mule than Logan treated her. He represented empty dreams.

Tea Cake

Tea Cake seems to be more sensitive but he lacks direction, security and often common sense. He is sort of a character foil to Joe Starks.