The Yellow Wallpaper

yellow wallpaper

Describe the husband’s opinion of his wife and explain the treatment of his wife in light of the times that they were living and way women were viewed at this time.

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We don't really know the narrator's name. She describes herself as an artist who feels constrained by her life and husband. The narrator really feels powerless in her situation. Her husband is a poster boy for the patriarchal society she must live under. Being a doctor, his "prescription" for her anxieties is a little rest and relaxation. For a woman that means being locked up in a room with ugly yellow wallpaper. The husband thinks his wife is merely an overly neurotic woman who lets nonsense get in her mind. The narrator tries to convince herself that her husband knows best and that she, a mere woman, is the product of irrational anxieties that (according to her husband) plague her gender. The narrator of course hates this mansion and the room like she, subconsciously, hates her marriage.