The Yellow Wallpaper

To what extent does her husband actually Love her or not? How can you tell ?

Did her husband actually love her..I am not sure because we know that she didn't have that much freedom!!

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I believe John loves his wife, although, his treatment of her may seem severe. I think that John is of the opinion that he's doing the right thing.... he's a doctor after all, and his wife's "rest cure" was cited as a break through in relieving nervous stress. Thus, I don't think he meant her harm, although, I do believe he should have known better than to prescribe his own wife's treatment. He seems to have been unbending..... unable to prcess the reality that his wife didn't require confinement, but rather freedom.


The Yellow Wallpaper

The narrator's husband "John" belives and considers that his wife isn't sick and she is just streesed due to work. He is himself a physican and belives that " tonics, and jouneys, and air, and excercise, and forbidden to 'work'" all these methods of treatment will help recover his wife from the nervous breakdown. He loves his wife and doen't belive that she is sick as she mentioned "he does not believe I am sick!". On the other hand john doesn't know and understand his wife and is not giving her enough freedom to work which is the real cure of this illness. as she states that "congenial work, with excitment and change, would do me good." John loves her enough as he can't belive she is ill but doesn't understand her feelings and the fact that she needs frredom as a cure.