The Yellow Wallpaper

The Yellow Wallpaper

why have the narrator and her husband,john,rented the "colonial mansion"? what is its history and what is the reaction of the heroine to this estate?does she feel comfortable living in tha house?

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The narrator and her physician husband, John, have rented a mansion for the summer so that she can recuperate from a “slight hysterical tendency.” Although the narrator does not believe that she is actually ill, John is convinced that she is suffering from “neurasthenia” and prescribes the “rest cure” treatment. She is confined to bed rest in a former nursery room and is forbidden from working or writing. The spacious, sunlit room has yellow wallpaper – stripped off in two places – with a hideous, chaotic pattern. The narrator detests the wallpaper, but John refuses to change rooms, arguing that the nursery is best-suited for her recovery. The woman does not like the house and hates the room she is in.