The Yellow Wallpaper

I need serious help on a few questions of this story .-.

1. In the late eighteen hundreds women were greatly repressed and denied freedom of expression and rights. Discuss how this story shows the entrapment of the narrator by her society and her own relatives.\

2. The narrator’s description of her bedroom indicates that it was at one time a nursery. What other, more ominous purposes are hinted at in the story? How are they hinted?

3.The narrator uses very short paragraphs and at times writes in fragments. Discuss how these techniques affect the flow of the story and influence the message of the story.

4. What does she imagine she sees in the wallpaper? What do these images represent?

5. Who is the woman behind the bars in the wallpaper?

6.How does John use guilt to manipulate the narrator?

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1. Throughout the story, Gilman presents the domestic sphere as a prison for the narrator. Just as the woman in the wallpaper is trapped behind a symbol of the feminine domestic sphere, the narrator is trapped within the prison-like nursery. The nursery is itself a symbol of the narrator’s oppression as a constant reminder of her duty to clean the house and take care of the children. The numerous barred windows and immovable bed also suggest a more malignant use for the nursery in the past, perhaps as a room used to house an insane person. The narrator's sense of being watched by the wallpaper accentuates the idea of the room as a surveillance-friendly prison cell.

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