The Yellow Wallpaper

How does Gilman’s text support this view (Essentialisms)?


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The whole reason why Gilman is in discomfort with the walpaper is its essence; its color, its smell, this things make her look more and more into the wallpaper, without it the wallpaper wouldn't be important even though it is the wallpaper that is covering the room. Being so much in the room she starts trying to solve the puzzle of the essence of the wallapaper but she starts feeling the essence of "another woman", hers. Her essence made her perception of the wallpaper change, her essence was a play shown in the wallpaper. She uses an ironic way to show how women felt back then, how the narrator in the story felt. She said she saw a woman behind "bars", she was traped unwillingly, considering she is "shaking them hard" and "all the time trying to climb through", the narrator's life was like that too she was traped in that room, in that society unwillingly.