The Yellow Wallpaper

how accurate is his diagnosis? Explain?

the story's narrator, who has recently had a baby, is suffering from what her husband, a doctor, calls ''temporary nervous depression'' a slight hysterical tendency.

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No, his diagnosis was awful. John is concerned about appearances. He is quite patronizing to his wife. He doesn't listen to her anxieties rather applies the demeanour of the all knowing doctor. He dismisses her cries for help as his wife simply being a woman. His remedy is rest and relaxation by locking her in a room with ugly wallpaper. So,although he might have been considered concerned during this era, it was patriarchal and women were considered "over emotional". He certainly wanted to appear concerned rather than really help her. It was a man's world and medicine was an "old boy's club". Women were not misunderstood more than not even attempted to be understood at all.