The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Why does Dorothy decide to wear the magic shoes

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Dorothy's shoes were old and worn, so she decided to wear the silver shoes she received after the death of the Witch of the East.

She took a little basket and filled it with bread from the cupboard, laying a white cloth over the top. Then she looked down at her feet and noticed how old and worn her shoes were.

"They surely will never do for a long journey, Toto," she said. And Toto looked up into her face with his little black eyes and wagged his tail to show he knew what she meant.

At that moment Dorothy saw lying on the table the silver shoes that had belonged to the Witch of the East.

"I wonder if they will fit me," she said to Toto. "They would be just the thing to take a long walk in, for they could not wear out."

She took off her old leather shoes and tried on the silver ones, which fitted her as well as if they had been made for her.


The Wizard of Oz

Her shoes where worn out