The Woman in White

Questions about The Woman in White

1. Describe Mr. Fairlie. What is he like?

2. How does Mr. Gilmore try to help Laura? Does it work?

3. Where does Walter go after he leaves Laura and Marian? Why?

4. Describe Count Fosco. What does he look like?

5. How does Marian try to help Laura? Does it work? Why or why not?

6. What happens to Laura while Marian is sick?

7. What is Sir Pervical's secret? Why does it matter?

8. What happens to Count Fosco at the end? Why?

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There isn't enough room to answer all your questions in one post. I'll take your first one but t you need to submit others separately.

Mr. Fairle is seen as rather effeminate. He is described: “His feet were effeminately small, and were clad in buff-coloured silk stockings, and little womanish bronze-leather slippers.…he had a frail, languidly-fretful, over-refined look-something singularly and unpleasantly delicate in its association with a man, and, at the same time, something which could by no possibility have looked natural and appropriate if it had been transferred to the personal appearance of a woman.”