The Wind in the Willows

What is unusual about Badgers home

I'm not sure what is unusual about Badgers home. It is underground and seems like a refuge for animals during a snow storm. Here is a quote from the text: The floor was well-worn red brick, and on the wide hearth burnt a fire of logs, between two attractive chimney-corners tucked away in the wall, well out of any suspicion of draught. A couple of high-backed settles, facing each other on either side of the fire, gave further sitting accommodations for the sociably disposed. In the middle of the room stood a long table of plain boards placed on trestles, with benches down each side. At one end of it, where an arm-chair stood pushed back, were spread the remains of the Badger's plain but ample supper. Rows of spotless plates winked from the shelves of the dresser at the far end of the room, and from the rafters overhead hung hams, bundles of dried herbs, nets of onions, and baskets of eggs. It seemed a place where heroes could fitly feast after victory, where weary harvesters could line up in scores along the table and keep their Harvest Home with mirth and song, or where two or three friends of simple tastes could sit about as they pleased and eat and smoke and talk in comfort and contentment. The ruddy brick floor smiled up at the smoky ceiling; the oaken settles, shiny with long wear, exchanged cheerful glances with each other; plates on the dresser grinned at pots on the shelf, and the merry firelight flickered and played over everything without distinction.

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The answer to this question is that Rat is more used to loudness in the riverbank. However, Badgers home is solemnece -boring,nothing exciting is going to happen.That is what is unusual about his home.


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I think the major theme of this book is home and sense of place. Badger's home is cozy and it is home. Home is simply a place of safety and refuge: that is what is special about it.