The Wind in the Willows

the wind in the willows

how does this story end

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Chapter 12 concludes the story as the animals retake Toad Hall. Excited to be back, Toad plans secretly to compile a story that begins with his jailbreak and ends with this success. When Badger insists Toad throw a party to celebrate his return, Toad sees the perfect opportunity to tell that story.

At first, Toad imagines an entire event planned around telling his adventure. On the invitations - which he tries to hide since he knows his friends will find the event too self-involved - he prepares a schedule that mostly offers him occasion to talk and sing. Toad was always mocked gently for parties of this sort in the past.

However, the other animals intercept the invitations, and stage an intervention. There, Badger and Rat force Toad to abandon his plan, since such bragging could backfire.

Once the party starts, Toad is angry and humiliated, so he delivers the speech he was preparing, but only to himself in his room. He recites it over and over, then bows to make himself look respectable.

He then joins the other animals downstairs at the party; they are surprised by his behavior, which is entirely gentlemanly. He sings no songs and delivers no speeches. Instead, he is humble and pleasant, a perfect host.

After the party, Badger convinces Toad to reimburse everyone who helped him on his journey from jail.