The Wind in the Willows

After many adventurous, what do you think to toad ?

After many adventurous, what do you think to toad ?

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Toad is the flightiest and pettiest character in The Wind in the Willows, due to a combination of immaturity and unrestrained wealth. He represents the British upper class, as he is an aristocrat living in his large inherited estate, Toad Hall, and has a snooty attitude towards those of lower class. The 'youngest' of the animals, he is quick to pick up and then dismiss expensive hobbies, most notably with motorcars. And yet Toad is often described by critics as the novel's most complex character, partly because he also cares deeply for his friends. They in turn worry about his habits, and eventually help him embody a more mature and grounded attitude towards life.


Due to his spoiled nature, the money his father left and the craze of motor car led him down.

However, his immature acts and the waste of money made him made him proud and arrogant. He was a stubboned type of creature showed cold sholder to the advice of his dearest friends Mole, Rat and the Badger which made him face the consequences. But because of the three friends, Toad could climb the ladder of maturness and made him a sensible Toad.