The White Devil

comment on the white devil as a revenge play

various points which indicates that it is a revenge play

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The White Devil is definitely influenced by the revenge tragedy. The author was detailed in his desire to portray both revengers and those who were victims of revenge as evil; he lumped them together in an unnatural way, and only included those deemed to be "good" as minor characters revolving around a tragic plot and victims as immoral.

Flamineo plays one of the author's victims. This man is never satisfied and doesn't allow himself to truly be seen is order to hide from those around him and allay suspicion. Normally, this stance and action would be taken by the avenger, but not here......... all of these characters have a need to seem smarter and more ingenious (better) than they really are.

'I limb'd this night-piece and it was my best' (V.6.297, and cf. 11.2.38) boasts Lodovico.

Your main and obvious point of the revenge play is the murders it surrounds. The Duke of Brachiano and arrange to kill their spouses, so they can be together......... these murders immediately prompt vows of revenge from their victim's family members.


The White Devil

Sorry, the Duke and Vicctoria (I believe that's the spelling) arrange to have their spouses eliminated.

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