The Whale Rider

Kahus love for Koro

Why does Kahu continue to love Koro Apirana so much, when he rejects her throughout the novel?

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Love is what binds the main characters to each other, and it is the underlying emotion guiding almost all of the action within the story. It is Kahu’s love for Koro that drives her to learn so much about the Maori culture and to remain so devoted to it. It is her love for him that also prevents her from becoming resentful or jealous. It is Kahus frustration with Koro's stubbornness that also makes him love her even more. It is Koro’s love for his people that impels him to find a capable leader to successfully bring the Maori people through modernity.



since koro is a stubborn person he dosen't care about kaho so he just cares about looking for a new leader .


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