The Way of the World

Discuss the sociological and moralistic benefit of the way of the world

Discuss the benefit of the way of the world positively in the society

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The presence of two main classes in the play - upper class and servants - calls attention to social class as a theme in the play, though one that is not written with the satirical eye Congreve gives to upper class behavior alone. As Congreve writes it, Foible and Waitwell, servants to Lady Wishfort and Mirabell, seem delighted to be married against their will and participate in a romantic scheme at the beck and call of Mirabell. This is perhaps not true to life, though it gives them both the ability to exert secretive power over members of the upper class. Within the upper class, it is also demonstrated through jokes about one another that being well-educated and well-mannered is of utmost importance, and there can be social division atop economic based on these elements of etiquette and status.