The Wave

Your view on the wave

Do you think the author is trying to make a statement about the media through the school news paper? Why or why not?

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The author, Todd Strasser, is trying to touch on a few themes. I think part of his aim was to show how brainwashing of fascist regimes could use propaganda to instil ideas into a population. This, however, was not his main aim. Even before he invents The Wave, Mr. Ross notices that his students are not living up to their potential because they lack organization in their lives. The Wave instills organization, but at a terrible cost to individual freedom. The novel does not offer any simple answers about whether people can think for themselves and be organized. The school newspaper and propaganda was a tool to display just how potent a force strict organized ideology can get.

I think the author did want to get a message through about the media because when Laurie writes about the wave in the school news paper that's when things took a turn and people started to realise and it shows how strong the media can be even if its true or false people believe it and its just like the wave where once one person starts so does everyone else and it's a snowball effect so the grape vine played a big role in the solution to the wave

Good point!