The Wave

what made robert so susceptible to the wave movement?

short and to the point answer please!!

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Robert Billings is the “class loser,” in the shadow of his more successful brother Jeff Billings who majors in medicine while playing Minor League Baseball. Robert could not keep up, he was also socially awckward . All of a sudden, he finds meaning in his life under Mr. Ross.

Robert was an outsider. The Wave gave him a sense of belonging. He wanted to be a part of something; he wanted to be on the inside. He was susceptible because the group gave him oth what hw wanted and needed, even if it wasn't the right thing............ it was something.

have you ever spoken up when you knew you were in the minority? when?

Yes. I've been in a few different situations when conservative values have been directly underfire; those are the times when I tend to speak up minority or not............ I remember the values I was raised with, and more than that..... I believe in them.

Conversely one might feel alone in a community where religious zealots push their narrow world view on people who are merely trying to live their lives. I have felt this once or twice while teaching.