The Wave

What are some bullying quotes in The Wave

I need some quotes from the Wave book regarding bullying. I would really appreciate it if i could get both a physical and mental quotes

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"Today after school a boy was beaten up," her father said. "Now I got this story secondhand, so I don't know if it's all accurate. But apparently there was some kind of rally at school today, and he had resisted joining this Wave game or said something critical about it." Chapter 12

"Amy, I'm serious. The Wave is hurting people. And everyone is going along with it like a flock of sheep. I can't believe that after reading this you'd still be part of it. Don't you see what The Wave is? It's everybody forgetting who they are." (Chapter 14)

A few feet from her locker, Laurie froze. There on her locker door, the word "enemy" was painted in red letters. (Chapter 15.)