The Wave

The Wave Comprehending Questions

What were the effects of the wave on the class, to robert, to laurie, and to Mr.Ross?

HOw did Mr.Ross unit his group and what are other methods that can be used to unite a group?

what's the difference between having an intrest in something versus fantacisim?

Mr.Ross said, it is amazing how much they like you when you make their decisions for them. Do you agree with this! Why or why not. Why is desicion making so difficult.

what does this writing "say" about authority and power?

ARe there situations when obedience is necessary? Why?

please help, you don't have to answer all of them, thank you!!

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Many of the students in The Wave think they must put aside their individual needs to fully embrace the movement. There are some positive aspects to this philosophy. For example, David believes that The Wave will help the football team cooperate with each other instead of only trying to advance themselves in the school's athletic hierarchy. Mr. Ross gets lost in his own experiment while Laurie is a voice of descent. Robert finds purpose and place in the Wave.

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