The Wave

Has the wave had a postive or negative effect on the football team? why?


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David believes that The Wave will help the football team cooperate with each other instead of only trying to advance themselves in the school's athletic hierarchy. He believes that discipline and teamwork will help them in their upcoming game against Clarkstown High. Eric worries that their teammates will laugh at the idea, but Brian is supportive. As the boys banter about football, a junior named Deutsch joins the conversation. He is Brian’s rival, and the two quickly begin to argue.

David breaks up the fight. He explains to his teammates that they can only win if they work together as a team. “A bunch of self-serving individuals,” he says, “don’t make a team” (47). He teaches his teammates The Wave’s mottos and salute.

The Gordon High football team lost badly to Clarksville even with the help of The Wave. He realizes that a football victory would have proved that The Wave was effective, and that this loss reflects badly on the movement that he started. Mr. Ross overhears Coach Schiller talking with another teacher in the faculty room. They are complaining about The Wave.