The Wave

Describe the wave rally

The wave book

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Before the rally, students stand outside, checking membership cards to make sure that only Wave members are allowed in. Christy drops by to wish him luck. Inside the gym, the students spontaneously begin to chant The Wave’s mottoes as Alex and Carl set up the film on the projector. Meanwhile, David and Laurie try to enter the gym but the doors are locked. They are able to slip in during the confusion that ensues after a student gets angry that the televised address hasn’t come on yet.

Eventually, Mr. Ross begins his speech. On the televisions, the concentration camp film begins to play. “There is your leader!” (134) he says, pointing to an image of Adolf Hitler. He lectures the students, explaining that they would have been “good Nazis” (135) and they must never prioritize the will of the group over their own freedom. The students are stunned and ashamed of themselves, and they slink guiltily out of the gym.

Laurie and David approach Mr. Ross after the rally. They thank him for the lesson and apologize for not trusting him. He thanks them and apologizes for not telling them his plan. He explains that while The Wave was successful in teaching the students about fascism, he does not think he will repeat the experiment next year. Laurie and David leave, and Mr. Ross is left alone with his thoughts.

Or so he thinks. He turns around and sees that one person is left in the room. Robert is quietly sobbing to himself. Mr. Ross feels guilty about how the experiment has affected his worst student. He tells him he looks good in a suit and invites him to dinner. “There are some things I think we should talk about” (138), he says to Robert.