The Wave

Chapter 8 & 9

summarize the changes Ben Ross notices in the behaviour of his students and point out how he feels about them.

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As Mr. Ross starts his history lecture, one student, George Snyder, stands up spontaneously. He announces how proud and happy is to be part of The Wave. Robert, Amy, and David stand up and say they agree. At lunch that day, all the members of The Wave sit together at one table instead of breaking up into their usual cliques.

The students recruit so many people for The Wave that new students start to sit in on Mr. Ross’s class. Mr. Ross notices that while his students have become better at memorizing facts, they are also getting worse at analyzing and thinking critically. However, they seem to like The Wave, and he is proud of the way they have embraced the increased discipline. Mr. Ross fantasizes about Time magazine writing a story about him and The Wave.