The Wave

Can you guys give me a summary for the chapter 5 of The Wave

summarize the main points and be sure to include the reaction of the students and Mr. Ross to the experiment

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This is from the chapter summary of GradeSaver. You can find it in the chapter summary section for this title:

Mr. Ross announces that from now on, students will be required to stand next to their desks and address him as “Mr. Ross” when answering questions. They also must bring a pencil and paper to class every day. The students enjoy the new routine because they find it exciting.

After class, the students chat about the lesson. David is deeply impressed by Mr. Ross’s new teaching techniques. Brian agrees but thinks that David is taking the lesson too seriously. In the bathroom, David reflects that the football team could be a lot better if he could just teach the players Mr. Ross’s version of discipline. In the bathroom, he sees Robert practicing the snap to attention that Mr. Ross taught them in class.

That night, Mr. Ross tells Christy about the experiment. He is surprised at how much the students seemed to enjoy the discipline. However, he does not think he will continue the experiment because they need to move on to a new unit.