The Wave

3 questions and thats all! thankss lovelys!

Explain the new Wave requirement and the effect on the students.

Name the two requirements for new recruits.

What effect does the Wave have on Robert Billings?

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1) The students are given membership cardsd in Chapter 8, some of which are marked with an X (designating monitors), and others which are left blank. Monitors are required to report those that fail to follow the rules...... this creates a bit of animosity and distrust amongst the students.


3) Robert has come out of his shell and is a brand new person, but it's not a good change....... He goes from an outcast to having an actual social life. His grades improve, and we can easily understand how his mother could believe that this was a great thing, but then the power trip hit, and he became this mean, overpowering figure.


The Wave