The Watsons Go to Birmingham - 1963

what is the authors tone

what is the authors tone cite texutal evidence to convey the tone

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There are different tones in this novel. At times it is humorous and at others it is reflective. Byron comes up with some pretty funny lines like,

"I sure wish someone would come clean and tell me who my real folks was, there just ain't no way in hell two people as ugly as your momma and daddy could ever have a child as fine as me!"

At other times the tone is brutally honest and reflective,

"I've often told you that as Negroes the world is many times a hostile place for us." I saw Mr. Alums walking back and forth whacking a yardstick in his hand. "I've pointed out time and time again how vital it is that one be able to read well." (ch 2).